Ukraine Municipal Infrastructure Programme is a multi-sector €400 million investment Programme developed by the European Investment Bank together with the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. UMIP is financing Projects in the following sectors: district heating, energy efficiency in public buildings, outdoor street lighting, water and wastewater treatment, and solid waste management.

UMIP Projects by regions in Ukraine

Construction of new Deyiv Hora landfill facility and Improvement of solid waste management in the city Kremenchuk

Kremenchug city
The Project provides for the construction of solid waste sorting line with the annual capacity from 50 to 100 thousand tons. Waste recycling will include the following equipment: loading conveyor, sorting platform, sorting conveyor, separating drum, overload conveyor, reverse conveyor, belt that delivers valuable resource faction in automatic press, automatic press, storage tank, or press compactor, conveyor for unloading of the extracted raw materials. Besides, the new facility will also enable further waste disposal in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Waste" (from the 2018 placement of unsorted waste at the landfills is prohibited).

Integrated improvement of solid waste management in the city Lviv

Lviv city
The Project  purpose is to recultivate the existing landfills and establish a modern and efficient system of solid waste management including construction of the waste recycling facility. Implementation of the Project  will allow recycling up to 36% of waste, with a gradual increase in depth processing. The proposed Project  consists of 2 main components: Component 1 is reclamation of existing landfills (20.41 ha). Component 2 is construction of ecological complex for recycling and further disposal of solid waste (waste recycling facility and a new landfill). New landfill capacity will be around 250 thsd. tons / year with a life time of 30 years. Waste recycling plant will have around 90 thsd. tons / year capacity.

Replacement of the natrium street lighting to LED system

Kyiv city
This Project envisages replacement of the existing lamps by new one, as well as replacement of some other elements (cables, teleautomatics) solely, and does not include any elements that will provide new services. Taking into account, that the street lighting in the city of Kyiv does not have any overabundance (it is installed only in places, where it is needed for the citizens), thus, the Project envisages exclusively measures, which meet the requirements of ultimate users (residents of the city).

Reconstruction and modernization of public lighting system in the city Mariupol

Mariupol city
The Project aims on modernization of the outdoor lighting system in Mariupol by replacing of 27.7 thsd. of lighting points (LED) and installation of 7.7 additional lighting points with replacing of lighting networks.

Reconstruction of water supply and sewerage system of Mariupol city

Mariupol city
The aim of the Project  is to succeed the non-stop and quality water supply and wastewater transport. To succeed this aim there are some sub-Project s proposed: Drinking water Rehabilitation of the 4 Water Pumping Stations (WPS) with re-equipment them with new energy efficiency equipment with automatization and implementing the dispatching; building a 3 new WPS, rehabilitation of the existing sections of water supply pipes network with installation new pumps in the existing building, re-equipment of the old networks with changing the old steel pipes for new plastic (370 km). Wastewater Construction of a new Waste Water Pumping Station (WWPS) #9; Rehabilitation of the biological wastewater treatment plant Construction of the section of the waste collector which is located on

Rehabilitation of street lighting in Dnipro (former Dnipropetrovsk)

Dnipro city
Replacement of technologically and physically obsolete lamps with incandescent with mercury arc lamp DRL, high-pressure sodium arc lamps with LED lamps of 42 W, 139 W. Reconstruction of cable-air lines with the use of the latest technologies (isolated wires). Energy savings expected up to 50% of consumption.

Rehabilitation of the outdoor lighting systems with introduction of Energy Efficient technologies in Kamyanske (former Dniprodzerzhynsk)

Kamyanske city
The Project  aimed on the increasing of the level of social comfort in the city and reducing of the harmful impact on the environment by reconstruction of the lighting system. The Project  consists of: Rehabilitation of 53 chains of the street lighting using the energy efficiency technologies and automatic systems; Installation of 17 traffic lights with automatic management systems; Installation of 160 photovoltaic stations (optionally).

Thermomodernisation of public buildings of Education, Science, Sport and Healthcare sectors in Kamyanske (former Dniprodzerzhynsk)

Kamyansk city
Project aims at deep thermal modernisation of 38 public buildings – kindergartens, schools, healthcare and sport halls.

Modernization of the district heating systems in the city Kamianske

Kamyanske city
The Project  is divided into 2 phases. 1st phase of the Project  includes: Construction of two boiler plants at the sites where the pumping station and the central heat distribution center is located. This will allow to refuse from the purchase of heat from the outside party JSC "Dneprodzerzhinsk HPP" Construction of two boiler plants on existing sites at the sites where the pumping station and the central heat distribution center is located which will partly (through the line PS2) to refuse from the purchase of heat from the outside party - JSC "Dneprodzerzhinsk HPP"   2nd stage of the Project  includes: Construction of 4 boiler plants at the places of existing facilities, which will allow totally refuse the purchase of heat from the outside party - JSC "Dneprodzerz

Modernization of the heating system in the city Kryvyi Rih (I stage)

Kryviy Rih city
The project includes the following activities: - construction of 4 new boiler houses; - modernization of the "Gigant" boiler house of the communal enterprise "Krivorozhteplomerezha"; - reconstruction of the boiler house "Mekhanobrchormet" of the communal enterprise "Krivorozhteplomerezha"; - replacement of pipeline networks with optimization of existing diameters; - partial reconstruction of the heating system from the "Mehanobbrchormet" boiler house; - installation of SCADA dispatch system; - installation of IHS in residential buildings.

Thermal renovation of public healthcare buildings of Volyn oblast

The Project  involves 64 buildings with next EE measures implementation: Conducting of building’s’ walls thermal renovation. Windows and doors replacement on energy saving ones. Lightning system modernization in buildings. Integration of energy consumption monitoring system on daily base. Integration of heating regulation system according to weather and temperature.

Complex modernization water supply and sewerage systems of Lutsk

Lutsk city
The Project  consists of the several subprojects: Rehabilitation of the water treatment plant (WTP) in city Lutsk; Rehabilitation of the waste water treatment plant (WWTP); Modernization of the existing Waste Water Pumping Stations (WWPS) #1, 2, 3, 5; Rehabilitation of the water pipeline with L=7km, with replacing steel pipes with D=600 mm for plastic with D=450mm; Replacing the old worn-out special vehicles with a new more efficient.

Thermal modernization of the 90 public buildings (schools, kindergartens) of Ternopil

Ternopil city
The Project involves thermal modernization of 52 schools (gross area 184553 m2) and 38 kindergartens (gross area 67653 m2). It includes the following measures: repair of external insulation, light systems, air ventilation and conditioning systems, and installation of modern equipment. The aim of the Project to improve comfort level, reduce energy consumption, save energy costs, and extend the lifetime of the buildings.

Implementation of the Energy Efficiency in 33 buildings of education sector in Sumy

Sumy city
It is foreseen within the Project to improve energy efficiency of 33 kindergartens aiming to reduce energy resources usage and create comfort conditions for children and stuff. The following services will be provided: replacement of lighting system, installation of modern energy efficiency equipment, reconstruction of heat supply system, heat pump insulation, replacement of doors and windows, thermal insulation of floor, attic roof, etc.

Complex thermal modernization of public buildings

Khmelnitsky city
After analysing current state of public buildings energy consumption, it was proposed to implement the following measures: Indoor lighting system modernization in order to ensure the normative level of lighting; Thermal insulation and individual heating substation installation to ensure energy efficiency; Window replacement and facade insulation.

Thermomodernization of the public buildings in Chernigiv

Chernihiv city
The aim of the Project is to reduce energy consumption of public buildings, improve their technical condition, reduce the risk of accidents of installations operation, improve comfort level and introduce alternative sources of energy for satisfying the demand of hot water in public buildings. The relevance of the Project  for educational and healthcare facilities is caused by social significance of these objects, as well as budget deficit due to lack of systematic approach to implementing energy saving measures in public buildings. After analysis of current condition of the buildings and possible solutions, it is suggested to implement complex of modernization works, including roof/facade insulation, replacement of windows, hydraulic settings of heating systems. Complex or partial modern

Thermomodernization of the public buildings in Zaporizhzhia

Zaporizhya city
Thermomodernisation of 14 buildings of public healthcare sector and 46 buildings of public education sector Activities include: insulation of exterior walls, replacement of windows and doors, insulation of roofs, insulation cap, insulation ceiling basement, restoration of drainage system, installation of local ventilation systems with heat recovery, reconstruction of the ventilation system with the establishment of a central heat exchanger, warming pipeline supplying and reverse pipelines heating systems, installation of heat meters , installation IHS, balancing heating net valves, washing heating system, reconstruction of two-pipe heating system with an installed  thermostats, replacement of  incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient, setting  the door-closing mechanisms,  measures for

Technical rehabilitation of the water supply and water sewerage systems of Rivne oblast cities

Rivne city
The Project aimed at the reduction of negative environmental impact with improving services of water supply and wastewater transport and treatment. The Project consists of several subproject s that include such works as rehabilitation of worn-out pipe networks of pure water, rehabilitation of water pump stations, technical re-equipment of sewage pumping stations, construction of new sewerage networks, reconstruction of sewage treatment facilities in Rivne and villages Kvasilov and Goscha. Due to the high wear of the pipe networks Public Utility Company “Rivneoblvodokanal” has a demand for pipeline TV inspection to reduce leaks and improve network quality. PUC “Rivneoblvodokanal” is looking forward to buy  special measure equipment for checking quality of measure for flowmeters. Subprojec

Modernization of the district heating system in the city Lozova

Lozova city
The Project  includes the modernization of the district heating station by implementation of new energy saving technologies and equipment. Project  implementation will include: Installation of 323 individual heat supply stations Dismantlement of 11 km heat distribution pipelines and replacing of 5.377 km of heat distribution networks with pre-insulated pipes Dismantling of old inefficient boilers and installation of new boilers Dismantling of remote from consumers boiler houses and construction of 9 new individual boiler houses nearby consumers. Installing of energy-efficient equipment.

Optimization of the district heating systems in the city Oleksandriia

Oleksandriya city
The Project  provides a total heat system reconstruction of Oleksandriya city central part (80% of a total city consumption) with moderate heat system decentralization and implementation of modern energy efficiency equipment. The heat system decentralization predicts heat energy source relocation closer to consumers, into exist heat substations, which located in the middle of residential areas and which will be rebuild to the submain boiler houses with small capacity. It provides with a reduction of heat losses in distribution pipeline up to 4-5 % by reducing capacity, reducing of diameter and especially by high heat insulation material parameters of polyurethane foam. During heat substation reconstruction to submain boiler houses, predicts to install modern energy efficiency equipment a

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