Integrated improvement of solid waste management in the city Lviv

Lviv city
Lviv Region
Solid waste

Estimated cost

45 000 000 EUR

Brief description:

The Project  purpose is to recultivate the existing landfills and establish a modern and efficient system of solid waste management including construction of the waste recycling facility.
Implementation of the Project  will allow recycling up to 36% of waste, with a gradual increase in depth processing.

The proposed Project  consists of 2 main components:

  • Component 1 is reclamation of existing landfills (20.41 ha).
  • Component 2 is construction of ecological complex for recycling and further disposal of solid waste (waste recycling facility and a new landfill).
  • New landfill capacity will be around 250 thsd. tons / year with a life time of 30 years.

Waste recycling plant will have around 90 thsd. tons / year capacity.


Lviv city council

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