Modernization of the district heating system in the city Lozova

Lozova city
Kharkiv Region
District heating

Estimated cost

16 680 000 EUR

Brief description:

The Project  includes the modernization of the district heating station by implementation of new energy saving technologies and equipment.

Project  implementation will include:


  • Rehabilitation of about 2 km (length of channels) of district heating networks, optimizing existing diameters;
  • Design, supply, and installation of boiler houses BH TRS №6 (14 MW), BH TRS №7 (23 MW), BH at Svobody 2-v (0,5 MW), BH at Svobody 38-а (1,3 MW), BH at Pivdenna 12-а(0,7 MW), the supply includes SCADA system and a Control Room at the premisses of the DH company Teploenerho, the Monitoring system of savings, Service and Energy Management system;
  • Design, supply and installation (reconstruction) of the boiler house TRS №10 (19 MW);
  • Construction of 5.14 km water supply system including a pipeline, pumping station, water tanks, and water treatment facilities; and
  • Construction of 4.67 km gas supply network.




PUC “Teploenergo”

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