Modernisation of the heating system in the city Kryvyi Rih (I stage) - 1 DNI 001

Kryviy Rih city
Dnipropetrovsk Region
District heating

Estimated cost

38 040 000 EUR

Brief description:

As per Project Implementation Plan developed 2020 the project includes the following components:

Component 1: Modernisation of more than 7 km district heating networks

Component 2: Boiler Houses:

  • Decommissioning of the boilers at the Kryvorizhstal BH (KMK) and the district heating mains from KMK
  • Splitting of heat loads into three zones and hydraulic calculation
  • Reconstruction of the Gigant and Mekhanobrchormet boiler houses financed by EIB loan
  • Reconstruction of Kryvorizhstal boiler house funded by municipal budget
  • Introduction of systems for monitoring and control of boiler houses operation (SCADA at boiler houses and the Central Dispatch Post)

The total installed heating capacity of the boiler houses to be modernised is 181.6 MW.


Component 3: Demand-Side Measures – Installation of Individual Heat Substations with SCADA in more than 370 public-sector buildings

Component 4: Construction Supervision


Kryviy Rih city council

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