Optimization of the district heating systems in the city of Oleksandriya

Oleksandriya city
Kirovohrad Region
District heating

Estimated cost

17 818 510 EUR

Brief description:

The Project  provides a total heat system reconstruction of Oleksandriya city central part (80% of a total city consumption) with moderate heat system decentralization and implementation of modern energy efficiency equipment.

The heat system decentralization predicts heat energy source relocation closer to consumers, into exist heat substations, which located in the middle of residential areas and which will be rebuild to the submain boiler houses with small capacity.

It provides with a reduction of heat losses in distribution pipeline up to 4-5 % by reducing capacity, reducing of diameter and especially by high heat insulation material parameters of polyurethane foam. During heat substation reconstruction to submain boiler houses, predicts to install modern energy efficiency equipment and to perform other measures listed below.

The Project provides a construction of 24 submain boiler houses, middle and high pressure gas distribution pipelines, heat system renovation on preliminary isolated ones. Such construction is previously agreed by a relevant decision of Oleksandriya city council.


PUC “Teplokomunenergo”

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