Thermal modernization of the 16 public buildings in Chernihiv

Chernihiv city
Chernihiv Region
Energy efficiency

Estimated cost

7 259 530  EUR

Brief description:

The aim of the Project is to reduce energy consumption of public buildings, improve their technical condition, reduce the risk of accidents of installations operation, improve comfort level and introduce alternative sources of energy for satisfying the demand of hot water in public buildings.

The relevance of the Project  for educational and healthcare facilities is caused by social significance of these objects, as well as budget deficit due to lack of systematic approach to implementing energy saving measures in public buildings.

After analysis of current condition of the buildings and possible solutions, it is suggested to implement complex of modernization works, including roof/facade insulation, replacement of windows, hydraulic settings of heating systems. Complex or partial modernization measures are to be implemented in 71 public buildings.


Chernihiv city council

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