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Modernization of the district heating system in the city Lozova

Lozova city
Kharkiv Region
District heating

The Project  includes the modernization of the district heating station by implementation of new energy saving technologies and equipment.

Project  implementation will include:


  • Rehabilitation of about 2 km (length of channels) of district heating networks, optimizing existing diameters;
  • Design, supply, and installation of boiler houses BH TRS №6 (14 MW), BH TRS №7 (23 MW), BH at Svobody 2-v (0,5 MW), BH at Svobody 38-а (1,3 MW), BH at Pivdenna 12-а(0,7 MW), the supply includes SCADA system and a Control Room at the premisses of the DH company Teploenerho, the Monitoring system of savings, Service and Energy Management system;
  • Design, supply and installation (reconstruction) of the boiler house TRS №10 (19 MW);
  • Construction of 5.14 km water supply system including a pipeline, pumping station, water tanks, and water treatment facilities; and
  • Construction of 4.67 km gas supply network.



Thermal renovation of public healthcare buildings in the Volyn region

Volyn Region
Energy efficiency

The Project  involves 64 buildings with next EE measures implementation:

  • Conducting of building’s’ walls thermal renovation.
  • Windows and doors replacement on energy saving ones.
  • Lightning system modernization in buildings.
  • Integration of energy consumption monitoring system on daily base.
  • Integration of heating regulation system according to weather and temperature.

Complex modernization of water supply and sewerage systems in the city Lutsk

Lutsk city
Volyn Region
Water supply, wastewater

The overall purpose of water supply and wastewater disposal systems’ modernization in Lutsk is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and to improve water supply services, transportation and wastewater treatment in the city. Project implementation will lead to significant energy saving, reduction of water losses in the networks, improvement of the hydrological regime of the Styr River (such as the composition and concentrations of dissolved chemicals, the amount and composition of the solid material, etc.) through implementation of innovative solutions for wastewater and sludge treatment.

The proposed project includes the following investment measures:

  • Reconstruction of the Water Supply Pipeline and Water Collection Main in Lutsk
  • Procurement of the special vehicles for maintenance services in Lutsk
  • Procurement of Water Laboratory Equipment in Lutsk
  • Rehabilitation of Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Lutsk
  • Construction Supervision of Water and Wastewater Works in Lutsk

Integrated improvement of solid waste management in the city Lviv

Lviv city
Lviv Region
Solid waste

The Project  purpose is to recultivate the existing landfills and establish a modern and efficient system of solid waste management including construction of the waste recycling facility.
Implementation of the Project  will allow recycling up to 36% of waste, with a gradual increase in depth processing.

The proposed Project  consists of 2 main components:

  • Component 1 is reclamation of existing landfills (20.41 ha).
  • Component 2 is construction of ecological complex for recycling and further disposal of solid waste (waste recycling facility and a new landfill).
  • New landfill capacity will be around 250 thsd. tons / year with a life time of 30 years.

Waste recycling plant will have around 90 thsd. tons / year capacity.

Reconstruction and modernisation of public lighting system in the city Mariupol

Mariupol city
Donetsk Region
Municipal lighting

The Project aims on modernization of the outdoor lighting system in Mariupol by replacing of 27.7 thsd. of lighting points (LED) and installation of 7.7 additional lighting points with replacing of lighting networks.

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