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Reconstruction of water supply and sewerage system in the city Mariupol

Mariupol city
Donetsk Region
Water supply, wastewater

The overall purpose of water supply and wastewater disposal systems’ modernization in Mariupol is a complex rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage systems of the city in achieving substantial savings of energy, reducing water losses in networks and improve wastewater treatment operations. It is planned that the asset modernization will substantially improve the overall technical and financial operation of the utility and implementation of the least-cost energy efficient measures will reduce the electric energy consumption during the peak- and off-peak operating hours.

The proposed project includes the following investment measures:

  • Rehabilitation of three wastewater pumping stations in the city of Mariupol
  • Rehabilitation of Mariupol Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)
  • Rehabilitation of the sewer force main in the city of Mariupol
  • Technical Assistance and Supervision of WWTP and PS construction works in the city of Mariupol


Technical rehabilitation of the water supply and water sewerage systems in the cities of Rivne oblast

Rivne city
Rivne Region
Water supply, wastewater

The overall purpose of water supply and wastewater disposal systems’ modernization in Rivne is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and to improve water supply services, transportation and wastewater treatment in the city. Implementation of the project will lead to significant energy saving, reduction of water losses in the networks, improvement of the hydrological regime of the Ustia River (such as the composition and concentrations of dissolved chemicals, the amount and composition of the solid material, etc.) through the implementation of innovative solutions for wastewater and sludge treatment.


The proposed project includes the following investment measures:

  • Reconstruction of Water Transmission Mains (Boyarka and Kvasiliv) in Rivne and Hydraulic Modelling
  • Water and Wastewater Works and Installations in Rivne
  • Procurement of Special vehicle with Pipeline TV inspection system in Rivne
  • Procurement of Flow Meter Check System in Rivn
  • Construction Supervision of Water and Wastewater Works in

Implementation of the Energy Efficiency in buildings in education sector in the city Sumy

Sumy city
Sumy Region
Energy efficiency

It is foreseen within the Project to improve energy efficiency of 33 kindergartens aiming to reduce energy resources usage and create comfort conditions for children and stuff.

The following services will be provided: replacement of lighting system, installation of modern energy efficiency equipment, reconstruction of heat supply system, heat pump insulation, replacement of doors and windows, thermal insulation of floor, attic roof, etc.

Thermal modernization of the public buildings (schools, kindergartens) in the city Ternopil

Ternopil city
Ternopil Region
Energy efficiency

The Project involves thermal modernization of 52 schools (gross area 184553 m2) and 38 kindergartens (gross area 67653 m2).

It includes the following measures: repair of external insulation, light systems, air ventilation and conditioning systems, and installation of modern equipment.

The aim of the Project to improve comfort level, reduce energy consumption, save energy costs, and extend the lifetime of the buildings.

Thermomodernization of the public buildings in the city Zaporizhzhia

Zaporizhzhia city
Zaporizhia Region
Energy efficiency

Thermomodernisation of 14 buildings of public healthcare sector and 46 buildings of public education sector

Activities include:
insulation of exterior walls, replacement of windows and doors, insulation of roofs, insulation cap, insulation ceiling basement, restoration of drainage system, installation of local ventilation systems with heat recovery, reconstruction of the ventilation system with the establishment of a central heat exchanger, warming pipeline supplying and reverse pipelines heating systems, installation of heat meters , installation IHS, balancing heating net valves, washing heating system, reconstruction of two-pipe heating system with an installed  thermostats, replacement of  incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient, setting  the door-closing mechanisms,  measures for energy management and energy audit, replacement of cooking stoves to modern.

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