Can I still apply for UMIP financing?


The first call for proposals was closed in March 2016. At the moment, no additional calls are foreseen under the UMIP. If a new call for proposals will be launched it will be announced on this web page or on the web page of the MRD.


Will there be new potential Projects selection?


Currently, there are no additional Projects’ selections planned. As soon as such an activity is planned, the relevant announcements will be made.

How is the selection of UMIP Projects performed?


According to the PPM Chapter 4 the first step of the selection process is the eligibility screening for potential UMIP Projects. As a result, a list of Eligible Projects is published. This list afterwards is subject for quality and relevance screening carried out by national and international experts for each individual sector. On this stage, the quality and relevance of existing Project documentation is analysed. This result in the Preliminary Projects List.

More details about selection criteria applicable for the Projects quality and relevance screening can be found in PPM Chapter 4.4.

Projects on the Preliminary Project List are further assessed in financial terms (evaluation of the financial standings of the Potential Final Beneficiaries) by the Ministry of Finance.

Positively evaluated Projects, which are ranked within the investment threshold will be proposed to the Steering Committee (SC) and will, upon approval by the SC, enter into the Project preparation process.


My Project is included in the UMIP Preliminary Projects List. What are my next steps?


The next steps are depending on your specific Project case. Therefore, please, contact us directly for more information.